Rou, just until a few years ago was almost an abandoned settlement on the mountain of Pantokratoras  in the north-eastern part of the island. Today, this small settlement is a district of the English, who bought old houses made of stone, of more than 200 years, they renovated them and they use them either as holiday houses, or they rent them to tourists during the summer. Rou, which is surrounded by dense olive groves, offers a beautiful view of the sea and of the Albanian mountains and it is an ideal haven for absolute tranquility.

Only in 15 minutes from Rou, you can get to the beautiful beach, Agni, to the picturesque fishing village of Agios Stefanos Sinion  and to the resort of Kassiopi . Do not forget to wander around the mountain where, you can discover Palies Sinies, an abandoned village of the 17th century, in the middle of nowhere, with churches decorated, even today, with great murals. Rou is at distance of approximately 28 kilometers from the city  of Corfu.

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