Saltmarshes of Lefkimmi

The Saltmarshes of Lefkimmi were already known from the 16th century and they operated, with stoppage during some periods, until 1988. It is a peninsula, of an area of 200 acres, which is located in southern Corfu, near the homonymous large village. Today the Saltmarshes of Lefkimmi are one of the greatest wetlands of the island.

The lowland peninsula creates a very impressive image, especially to those who are quite lucky and can enjoy the area from high above. You can notice erosion on its edge, as the land gradually disappears into the blue sea. In the Saltmarshes of Lefkimmi there is a lighthouse which once stood on the land but, because of the erosion, today it is in the water.

The year 1988 was the last year that the Saltmarshes of Lefkimmi produced salt. But, until then the area was very well organized, with at least 80 salt wells, salt warehouses, ditches and corridors. The large, central lake was the space where the sea water was saved, while on the north-eastern end of the Saltmarshes of Lefkimmi you can see the V.O.R. (Very high frequency (VHF) Omnidirectional Range).

The Saltmarshes of Lefkimmi have been included in the network Natura 2000, mainly because of the avifauna that they host: More than 180 bird species are recorded in the region. Common Shelducks, brown headed gulls, gulls, Black-winged Stilts, Kentish plovers, little terns, Curlew sandpipers, little stints and flamingos, with their largest number recorded in May 2011 – more than 3,000!

Today anyone can visit the Saltmarshes of Lefkimmi in order to enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape, the historicity of the area but, also to swim in the beach that is created by the sandy shores. Its waters are calm and clean, while the quiet of the region will impress you.

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