Society of Corfiot Studies

The Society of Corfiot Studies is housed in the residence where, the national poet of Greece, Dionysios Solomos, lived the greatest part of his life in Corfu. It was founded in 1952 by the Corfiot historian and journalist Kostas Dafnis and its goals are the promotion of the spiritual and artistic life of Corfu, the registration and study of local history, economy and folklore.

Numerous spiritual events in the form of lecture-courses with speakers, primarily professors of the Ionian University but, also other intellectual people of the land, are included in the activities of the Society of Corfiot Studies. It organizes conferences, meetings and conducts student competitions on the subject of local history.

The most significant contribution of the Society of Corfiot Studies was the restoration of the house where, Dionysios Solomos lived during the last sixteen years of his life in Corfu, and the operation of Solomos Museum  there. This house had been demolished by the first, Italian bombardments during World War II, in 1941. It was restored with the designs and the supervision of the Corfiot engineers Georgios Linardos and the architect Ioannis Kollas, who made sure that the external characteristics of the old edifice in the Old City  of Corfu, in Mouragia, would remain intact.

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