Town Hall of Corfu

One of the most imposing buildings of the Old City  is the one that houses the Town Hall of Corfu. It is located in one of the squares that are formed by the narrow alleyways next to the old, catholic cathedral of San Giacomo (St. Jacob).The Town Hall of Corfu is housed there from the beginning of the 20th century.

The construction of this imposing building began in 1663 by the Venetians and it was not completed until 30 years later, in 1693. The edifice is built of stone, evidently in the Renaissance style, with carved walls. The Town Hall of Corfu even today is adorned by many sculptures, including, among others, the bust of the Venetian admiral Morosini which is accompanied by four children that depict his virtues.

The first function of the building of the Town Hall of Corfu was to house the «Lodge of the Nobles», mainly the officers of the Venetian navy. In 1720 it was converted to one of the most famous theaters in Greece which was named «San Giacomo» because of the adjacent church.

In 1903 it was decided to establish the Town Hall of Corfu there, while the square in front of the building was also named Town Hall square.

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