Vagionaki beach is a small, secluded beach between the villages Pentati  and Paramonas  on the western coast of the island. Vagionaki beach is not particularly known, few are aware of its existence, especially the inhabitants of the nearby settlements. Access to this beach is not particularly easy because there are no signs to lead you there. Before you depart for your journey, you must ask for directions by the locals.

It is a sandy beach with scattered rocky formation and very shallow waters and this is what makes it ideal for small children. In Vagionaki there is also a small port which is used by the local fishermen who tie their sloops.

Vagionaki has no tourism infrastructure or any shops nearby, so it would be wise to come with your provisions such as water and all the necessities for your long-stay at the beach. If you run out of provisions, you can walk for a few minutes to Paramonas where, you can find coffee shops and taverns.

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