Vassilatika is a village with a small number of residents built on a verdant hill amongst olive and cypress trees. The village, although small, has a long history dating back to the years of the Venetian occupation of the island. In some edifices you will distinguish elements of Venetian architecture, as in the old base of the bell-tower of the church where, there is a symbol of the Venetian Empire, the Lion. The name of the village Vassilatika probably comes from an incident which is written in the historical archives of Corfu.

In 1439, the Emperor of Byzantium, Palaiologos, went to Florence accompanied by a party of prelates for the Ecumenical council which would decide for the union of the two churches. In his journey from Constantinople to Florence he anchored at the port of Petritis which is located very close to the shores of Epirus and he was hosted by the Venetian Commander of the region. The inhabitants of the village were amazed to see the King of the Byzantium and the Patriarch of Constantinople stay in their insignificant and nameless village, so they gave it the name Vassilatika, thus honoring the King Palaiologos.

Vassilatika has easy access to the beaches of Petritis  and Boukaris, beaches with crystal clear waters and picturesque, small taverns.

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