Vatos is a village in the western coast of Corfu near some of the most beautiful beaches of the island: Ermones, Myrtiotissa, Glyfada  and Kontogialos . Vatos is built on an aspect of the mountain of Ai Giorgis, hidden away from the sea because of the fear of bygone pirates. Even though Vatos is not mentioned in official documents before the 16th century, around the village are some edifices which are testimony to the fact that the region had been resided in the past. One of these edifices is the church of Ai Giorgis built at the top of a hill, probably in the end of the Middle Ages. But also the parish church of Vatos, Agios Nikolaos, maintains an old part, which according to its murals, dates back to the 13th century.

Besides the natural beauty and the charming architecture of the old houses, the visitor in Vatos can also see beautiful lanes with yards in full blossom and he can enjoy his coffee or his meal in one of the traditional coffee shops or small taverns. In Vatos operates a very active cultural association which organizes multiple cultural events.

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