Αrchaeological site of Makri

The archaeological site of Makri is located very close to the present village, 12 kilometers from Alexandroupolis and it was discovered during the World War I.

This settlement dates from the Neolithic period, around 4000 years BC. At the archaeological site of Makri there are residences with floors, hearths and a clay platform that was discovered in the center of the settlement and may indicate the existence of some form of central power. The Neolithic Settlement of the archaeological site of Makri is one of the most important of the Balkans and it is located on the raised mound, called “tuba”, which was probably formed from clay, which was the basic material for the construction of the settlement.

Ath the archaeological site of Makri it is also located the Cave of Cyclops, according to the findings. Evidence that the area was inhabited later, leads the archaeologists to the conclusion that it was used as a trading post during the period of Samothrace Perea, and it has now been abandoned the idea that it is identified with the ancient town of Zoni. During the Byzantine Empire, the area used to serve as the cemetery of the settlement, which has now been moved to the place of the current town.

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