If you find yourself in Evros, it is definitely worth visiting Elafochori to see the ancient underground tomb discovered in the area of Daphne. It is the oldest Thracian underground tomb of the 4th-3rd century BC, with features (road, vestibule and main chamber) similar to the Macedonian ones.

Elafochori was built from about sixty families, refugees from Eastern Thrace and specifically the village of Derekioi of the area Makra Gefira. It was built next to the Turkish village “Karatzachali” (current quarter “Daphne”) on the north bank of Erythropotamos. Originally, its name was Trava and was renamed to Elafochori in 1926. Today the village has 133 inhabitants.

Elafochori is located in the center of the northern part of Evros, bordering with the villages of Sitochori in north, Evgeniko in south and Ladi in east. From Elafochori and after you pass the village of Ladi, continuing to the north you can visit the burial mound of Doxipara to see the buried carriages and horses that were discovered next to the graves.

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