Twenty kilometers north of Didymoteicho and nearly as much southwest of Orestiada is located Sitochori.

The old Turkish name is K-zoultzikio. According to the legend, in Sitochori had been once hidden a young woman to escape from the Turks. When the situation calmed down, her husband found her here. They decided to stay in this place hoping to remain hidden. Therefore, this place is called K-zoultzikio (“place”). The Greeks used to call it Parthenochori and after the liberation from the Turks the village was named Skourtochori, which derives from an abbreviation of the phrase, “the daughter’s village”.

The current name of Sitochori, probably derives from the main crop and production of the villagers that is wheat.

Sitochori is one of the 13 villages of Marides in Evros. It is in fact located in the center of these villages. Thus, access and cooperation with the other villages is obviously easier. In the settlement of Sitochori you can see even today many traditional items, mostly costumes, female and male.

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