Leontarideios School

On the Mitropoleos  square and on the left of Saint Nicholas – the metropolitan church of Alexandroupolis – is located the Leontarideios School.

Listed building since 1974, the Leontarideios School started being constructed in 1907 and was completed in 1909 at the space was allotted by the Turkish Bey Hatzisafet to the Greek community.

The building was built with donation from Antonis Leontaridis or else Antonakis Efendi, who was born in Maroneia in 1865 and gave his name to the Leontarideios School.

According to testimonies, when the construction of the Leontarideios School began, it was also examined the construction of other buildings that surround the school in order for them to fit harmoniously with it.

Initially, the Leontarideios School carried on her metope Italian statues that represented the nine muses. Today, these statues are located at the building’s entrance that now serves as an Ecclesiastical Museum.

The Leontarideios School was repaired and restored in the early 80s in order to host more than 400 sacred artifacts of the Ecclesiastical Museum.

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