Mandra of Evros is located in the central part of the prefecture, a bit further north of Soufli. From Mandra begins a wonderful journey through lush vegetation, passing by the villages Protokklisi, Kyriaki and ends at Mikro Dereio.

During the Ottoman rule, Mandra was called “Mandira” or “Soğuklu dere”. The translation of the second means willow stream (sogutli).

Mandra is known as well by the name “Kioupia”. Today, there are still remnants of the jars, which the inhabitants of Mandra buried in the fields to hide the amounts of cereals they produced so as to avoid the exorbitant taxation of the Ottoman state on the enslaved.

From Mandra you can visit the “Evroparko” (park of Evros), a restaurant of traditional style, amid a 167-acre farm near a prey breeding unit. In the park there is the possibility to move around by electronic cars and observe animals of both the region and other countries such as llamas, reindeers, Patagonian Mara, etc. It has a playground, soccer fields and basketball courts.

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