The village of Protokklisi in Evros is located 13 kilometers west of Lavara and 80 kilometers north of Alexandroupolis. It has about 1,100 residents.

In Protokklisi there are building ruins, probably dating to the prehistoric times and identified with the temple of Pluto, which according to the legend was dedicated to the god by Orpheus. The legend says that when the wife of Orpheus, Eurydice, died of snakebite, Orpheus descended to Hades and persuaded Pluto to send her back. The god promised to do with the term Orpheus not to turn his head back all the way up to his house. He did not resist and he saw Eurydice, who got lost forever in Hades.

The Turks in 1361 found an intact temple in Protokklisi, while the Bulgarians in 1913 removed even the columns and transferred them to Bulgaria. Today, shortly before entering Protokklisi, right on the hill in a clump of trees, are visible the foundations of the temple. According to the legend of the bridge of Protokklisi, when the craftsmen were building it they were using material from the temple of Orpheus and the bridge was not holding up, until the stones returned in the temple.

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