Mikro Dereio

Mikro Dereio is a village in the prefecture of Evros, near the Greek-Bulgarian borders. In the area around the village, whose residents are Christians, are found the Pomak villages of Evros , villages inhabited by Muslim residents.

Mikro Dereio is located 30 kilometers west of Lavara and 98 kilometers north of Alexandroupolis. It has about 2,050 residents. The route from the village of Kyriaki to Mikro Dereio amidst the trees is unique. It is one of the few hunting areas of Greece with deer, roes, rabbits, wild pigs, pigeons, partridges, etc.

The parish church of Mikro Dereio is dedicated to Saint George. There lies the icon of Panagia the “Akataflekti Vatos”.

In Mikro Dereio operates all year round a guesthouse that can be the starting point for the excursion to the Pomak villages of Evros: Roussa, at a distance of 12 kilometers, with the traditional architecture, the megalithic tombs and rock paintings, Goniko, Sidirochori and Mega Dereio, the head village of Pomaks.

Alternatively, from Mikro Dereio you can head north to the villages of Metaxades and Paliouri, traditional villages with the typical beige stone in the architecture of their buildings.

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