Peplos is a village in Thrace, on the banks of the river Evros. It is located 10 kilometers northeast of Feres, near the end of the Egnatia motorway. It borders with the villages of Vrysoula, Gemisti, Ardanio, Kipoi and further to the east with Turkey. The residents come from Thrace, Asia Minor and some are Arvanites.

The name Peplos probably comes from the fog, which often falls in the village, spreads and covers it like a veil (peplo in Greek). One version of the legend of the Trojan War says that when Paris stole Helen from Sparta and moved her to Troy, a strong wind that arose suddenly, took her veil from her hair and dragged it away, to the place where today the village.

At the central square of Peplos is located the great church of Saint Demetrios and the municipal library that has thousands of volumes accessible by all. At the edge of the village are the ruins of the old aqueduct of the village, while at the limits of Peplos there is a camp.

Peplos has about 1,000 residents and has all public services, schools and infrastructure for locals and visitors.

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