Ardanio is located six kilometers north of Feres, on the old highway that links Alexandroupolis with the rest of the prefecture of Evros. It has 306 residents, according to the 2011 census, the majority of whom are refugees from Eastern and Northern Thrace. Ardanio took its name from the village of Rhodoni in Eastern Thrace, from which originate many residents of the village – it is essentially a paraphrase of the original name.

In Ardanio a folk festival takes place the first Friday after Easter (Friday of the Bright Week) in honor of the village’s church. The church took its name after the Saints Constantine and Helen, but it also celebrates on the feast of Panagia Zoodochou Pigis (Virgin Mary Life-Giving Spring).

The settlement of Ardanio has an active women’s association and sports team that distinguishes in local championships.

Visitors of Evros arriving to Ardanio can also visit Panagia Kosmosotira (World Savior), the historic monastery of the region, the Great Fountain and the Byzantine Aqueduct of Feres.

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