Plati is one of the riverside villages of Ardas, on the north bank of the river, in the prefecture of Evros. At a short distance from Plati are located the villages Elia (west), Arzos (east) and Keramos (south).

Plati was created by the villagers of Bara and Gialias, after the border demarcation in 1920, as then, the fields of the inhabitants of these villages were found on the side of Bulgaria. Thus, the inhabitants gradually abandoned them and settled in the then settlement of Santirli or Saderli, which was later given the name Plati.

In 1954 was built a bridge that connected Plati with Keramos, but the next year the Ardas River flooded and the bridge swept away. The nearest bridge today joining the two banks is that of Elia within 2 kilometers.

The valley of Ardas is one of the major reasons to visit the village of Plati, as it is one of the places of nature of Evros that fascinates with its beauty.

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