Profitis Ilias

Profitis Ilias is a large, landscaped and well organized recreation area on the periphery of Alexandroupolis, just above the village of Loutros and near Traianopolis. This is another landscape of nature in the region of Evros, which enchants with its beauty. The area of Profitis Ilias is appropriately formed to accommodate those who want to spend a day in nature; next to towering trees and running waters, the concept of “excursion” in nature becomes relevant and coincides with the relaxation and relief of each problem and concern.

In Profitis Ilias, the residents of Loutros, Traianoupolis and the surrounding areas celebrate May Day and Clean Monday (Ash Monday), when excursions in nature are usual. At this point you can find a bar and sports facilities, playgrounds, stone barbecues etc. In Profitis Ilias lies the chapel of Prophet Elias that celebrates on July 20 and a religious festival takes place.

In the plane tree area of Profitis Ilias are also organized programs of environmental education for school students of Evros.

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