Pythio Border Station

The Pythio Border Station is the only border railway station at the borders between Greece and Turkey. It is located in the northern region of Evros, at the borders with the village of Pythio, with the famous Castle. Very close, within 17 kilometers is located Didymoteicho, one of the largest cities of Evros.

The train arrives from Alexandroupolis up to Pythio in parallel to the river Evros. The train station is as well the Pythio Border Station, as here are encountered the Greek railway lines with the Turkish ones. There are police departments and and a customs office.

From the Pythio Border Station pass the trains that connect northern Greece with Turkey. The routes connect Istanbul with Thessaloniki; they pass, though, and stop at all key stations along the route.

The control of passengers at the Pythio Border Station is carried out without delay, as there is no need to change trains, and procedures have been considerably simplified recently.

Pythio Border Station

  • Customs office 2553041207
  • Pythio Police Station 2553041211
  • Train Station 2553041245


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