Alaties is one of the less known beaches of Kefalonia. It is located just outside of Fiskardo. To get to Alaties, you should follow the detour from the village of Magganos of Erissos. The road is paved to its greatest length and the car reaches to the coast.

In Alaties, you will find white pebbles and rocks, from where you will enjoy a dip in the clear blue waters! The beach is small, but as it is almost certain that you will be alone here, you will not be straining it. Alaties took their name from the salt that dries on the rocks and you can see it whenever you visit it. Previously, it is used as a salt marsh and the inhabitants of the surrounding villages were collected with great patience.

Although, Alaties is an unorganized beach, there is very near a traditional tavern, where you can enjoy fresh snacks and coffee.

At a short distance is the beach of Agia Ierousalim, to get in which, you follow the road. It looks like a lot to Alaties as environment, but it is larger and in its one end lies the ruined homonymous chapel, dating from the period of the Crusades.


Alaties at a glance:


• Pebble


• Deep Waters


• Water currents


• Rocks


• Tavern near


• Access by car


• Natural shade from the rocks



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