Magganos is a village belonging to Erissos and located on the northwest side of Kefalonia. Essentially, it is the ‘crossroad’ of about 30 small villages that compose Erissos, the most famous of all, is Fiskardo. It has about 60 permanent residents, but because of its location, in the summer the people you see here is multiplied.

If you visit this part of the island, it is certain that the road will go through Magganos, as it is located just minutes away from Fiskardo and bordering with Tzamarelata, Matsoukata, Agrilias and Ventourata. In Magganos, you will also find restaurants, conveninece store and grocery store, while the traditional village’s cafe will surely entice for a coffee from Kefalonia.

Near to Magganos, you will visit the beaches Alaties, from where previously the locals gathered the sea salt, the afrala, like they say in Kefalonia and the Holy Jerusalem, where it is said that had died the founder of Fiskardo, Guiscard the Crusader.


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