Kateleios is one of the most famous villages of Kefalonia, thanks to its famous beach with the many taverns, where all delight in the fresh fish! However, their village ‘is divided’ into two districts: the Upper Kateleios, where there are mainly the residents’ homes and Kato, the more “tourist” village with the modern tourist accommodation, endless beach and of course the picturesque taverns.

Kateleios and its beach is the southernmost village of Kefalonia and will meet it on the way to the tourist Skala, also the sandy beach of kilometers – Kateleios and Skala are two of the most famous beaches of Kefalonia. In the anchorage of Kateleios, daily the boats bring fresh fish and supply the taverns, whereas previously, because of the fact that the opposite coast of Zakynthos is nearby, go and return the passengers.

The area of Kateleios is lowland, is below of Enos and is crossed by the unique river of the island, fed by the waters of the mountain and flows throughout the year. At the point “Munda” of the beach of Kateleios has been identified the rare turtle in the Mediterranean, the Caretta – Caretta (Caretta – Caretta), resorting to lay its eggs.

Kateleios is located 35 km southeast of Argostoli.



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