Defanarata is one of the smallest villages of Erissos that, on Kapodistrian division of administration was one of the seven municipalities of Kefalonia. It is built at an altitude of 402 meters above sea level and has endless view of the strait between Kefalonia and Ithaca.

Located near Kothrea and previously was the homonymous community, together with the neighboring villages Kokolata and Drapanitika. Today, in Defanarata, live just 14 residents. The village is 500 meters from the main road Argostoli Fiskardo.

In Defanarata, there is two important Byzantine or post – Byzantine monuments. These are two historical orthodox churches. One is Lady Palaiochersou, located at a distance of two kilometers. It celebrating on the Birth of the Virgin, on 8th of September and is estimated to be built in 1600. It has suffered significant damages during the earthquake of 1953, but with the help of brothers priests Sklavounos, but also from the residents of Defanarata, has been restored.

The second monument of Defanarata is the church of Saint Lazarus, in the village’s center. It was built around the 17th century or early 18th century and is three-aisled, dedicated even in Agia Paraskevi and Agios Panteleimon. The brothers priests Sklavounos, as the ordinary residents in Defanarata helped to repair the damage from the earthquake of 1953. The church celebrates on the Saturday of Lazarus, but traditionally, the festival takes place on Easter’s Monday.




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