Kothreas of Kefalonia is 40 km northwest of Argostoli, the capital of the island, in the province of Erissos. It is a mountainous village – for the data of Kefalonia, built at an altitude of 411 meters above sea level and has 60 permanent residents. Along with the neighboring Drapanitika, currently has only two residents, Kokolata and Defanarata, of 14 permanent residents, were formed a community, Kothreas.

The village is situated among the lush greenery of Kefalonia lush vegetation of cypress and olive trees surrounding it. The courtyards in Kothreas, many of which are built of stone and traditional, usually host a climate of grape, to enable residents to enjoy their coffee under the shade of Klimataria – and of course to have on their table delicious grapes!

In Kothreas, stands out the old village’s church, dedicated to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors. Kefalonia is the island following the maritime tradition and many Kefalonians are engaged and employed at sea. St. Nikolas in Kothreas is painted in a bright pink color and is visible from afar. At its bell tower, which is built according to the traditional architecture, there is a small balcony, as that has the old Kefalonian homes. You can go up to there and admire the view around.

From Kothreas:

• In 10 minutes, you can reach to the picturesque harbor of Assos and strolling to its Castle.

• A distance of 15 minutes separates you from Myrtos, one of the most beautiful beaches of Kefalonia, but also of the whole Greece.

• A 15- minute by car, you are also in Fiskardo, in the cosmopolitan port on the other side of Erissos, to Ithaca.

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