Chionata is a village on the southeastern edge of Kefalonia, in Elios – Proni. It is located between the villages of Valerianos, Markopoulo and Mavrata, which can be visited by Chionata in a very short time. It is built at the foot of Enos and has a population of about 150 residents, including the settlements of Thiramonas and Kolaiti, belonging to the same community.

The big festival in Chionata takes place on 15th of August, when celebrates the village’s church, called Panagia Gorgoupakoui. According to the tradition, the hospitable people of the Chionata boiled meat and offer it at a large table that is set up for pilgrims and visitors. Although, the earthquakes of August, in 1953, had destroyed the village and the church, the inhabitants rebuilt it by the base of the pre-earthquake plan.

From Chionata, you can visit two of the most spectacular beaches of Kefalonia, Kaminia, where lays its eggs the Caretta – Caretta, the rare sea turtle Mediterranean and Katelios Bay, with countless taverns to eat good fresh fish.



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