Trapezaki is a very long, sandy beach. It is located near the village Moussata and at a short distance from the village Lourdata that both belonged to the former municipality f Livathos, in the southern part of Kefalonia. In Trapezaki, you will find fine sand and very shallow waters, it is ideal for small children and play in the sand.

It is not organized, as there is only a small canteen in its one edge. To spend a day at Trapezaki, you must make sure to bring along the necessary for shade, water and food. The beach is not crowded and is sure to offer you moments of peace and seclusion, if is that you are looking for.

The surrounding area is one of the most popular points of Kefalonia, with a range of accommodation for visitors and excellent organization. The access to Trapezaki is easy, is 13 kilometers from Argostoli, while by car, you will reach in the end. Before arriving at the beach, in a wooded pine hill is the church of Our Lady, where you can worship and admire the view.

Trapezaki at a glance:

• Sandy

• Shallow waters

• Unorganized

• Easy access



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