Phocis - Mountains

  • Parnassus Ski Center

    The Parnassus Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Greece and concentrates many people on its pistes .

  • The National Park of Parnassus

    The National Park of Parnassus is bordered by 1938 and includes numerous fauna and flora of the large mountain in Central Greece.

  • Oiti

    Oiti is the mountain of flowers in the prefecture of Phocis, Purgos is its highest top with an altitude of 2,152 meters .

  • Gkiona

    Gkiona is the highest mountain in Central Greece, with the top Pyramid in 2,510 meters. It is rich in flora and fauna and promotes a variety of activities.

  • Vardoussia

    Vardoussia is a mountain range of Phocis, the highest top is Korakas, with an altitude of 2,495 meters.

  • Parnassus

    Parnassus is one of the most important mountains of Greece and now hosts the most popular ski center in the country.

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