Beach Varvaroussa

Varvaroussa, in the northwest of Syros belongs to the series of deserted beaches that are not accessible by car. It is located only 4 km far from Ermoupoli but there is no road that leads to the beach. Opposite is the homonym desert island of Varvaroussa, in the bay of Aetos.

The only way to access the beach Varvaroussa is by a hired boat or any of the boats – specifically in the summer – leaving at regular intervals from the village of Kini. In Varvaroussa one can be reached by foot through a path with a durance of about half an hour from the beach Dolphin that is located further south.

Due to its deserted character, Varvaroussa is the second beach after Armeos selected from those who want to do nudity.

In any case, those who choose for swimming Varvaroussa, you must have with you all necessary as the beach has no infrastructure.

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