Agios Eleftherios

The Temple of Agios Eleftherios is located on Gavalades street, in Macheradika, in the old town of Chania. The exact year of its construction is unknown. However, Agios Eleftherios is mentioned in the inventory of the churches of the city, of the year 1637, listed as a parish church, property of Skordili – Maraphani family.

It is a three-aisle basilica church, that has experienced great decay due to the passage of time. Comparatively to the street, the level of the temple is considerably lower due to the soil fills of the subsequent years. Initially, the eastern side of the temple included sanctuary apses, which were later removed. The north aisle is much different and today, it is integrated into the first floor of a private residence. In fact, this part of the temple was used for olive oil storage, during the Turkish Rule.

The Temple of Agios Eleftherios currently operates as a chapel of the temple of Agios Nicholas in Splantzia, right in the heart of the old city, which still maintains intact its essential characteristics.

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