Knife of Chania

The Knife of Chania is firstly an excellent tool for Chania, while is widely used throughout Crete. Previously, it was operated as a weapon, as the Cretans defended and constantly fighting for their lives by confronting their various conquerors.

Plus, the handmade knife of Chania is used as a tool for countless uses in the kitchen as a great cutting tool. It is one of the souvenirs that the visitors choose in Chania to take with them when leaving the island.

The story of the knife of Chania goes back centuries. Especially until a few years the stores that made knife in Chania were countless – a whole area of the city called “Machairadika”.

The knife from Chania is an essential decorating element of traditional apparel. It consists of a steel blade on which in several cases there is carved a couplet which expresses mainly the one who holds it.

The knife from Chania is donated as an indication of friendship and appreciation and has special symbolic significance. Early last century, it was customary the fiancé gave his girlfriend a knife from Chania. She put it in her bosom, and if someone was going to hurt her defending with this her price.

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