The stivania are the traditional boots worn by all men of the countryside, everywhere on Crete. Now, they are worn by few and mainly in exceptional cases.

The shoemaker is called stivanas. He is the expert who traces with a pencil the outline of the foot on a tissue paper.

Stivanas very carefully measures the foot: around the ankle, the perimeter of the leg, the height of the tibia, because stivania must apply perfectly to the foot regardless of whether the customer chooses soft or hard leather.

To make a pair of stivania the shoemaker needs on average two days of work. And maybe the traditional costumes are worn by the most Cretans only at folklore events, but the stivania are still used in daily life.

Quite a few stivanades work on the island, in all major cities, Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion, and also in villages, where resort those who love traditional footwear.

Many of the inhabitants of mountain villages insist on using the stivania knowing that they endure well in the particular environmental conditions, since the terrain in the mountains is rugged.

The stivania for daily use are black and white are the ones worn on formal occasions.

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