Traditional Desserts of Chania

The main components of the traditional desserts of Chania that you will try during your stay in the area, is yeast, oil and honey.

The Cretans are among the healthiest people in Greece. This fact is largely attributed to their diet, which is highly nutritional.

Even the traditional desserts of Chania, which hold a special place on the daily and the festive table, the Cretans prefer for their preparation products of their own production that have not been chemically treated.

Among the traditional desserts of Chania is xerotigana and diples, while widespread were and remain the spoon sweets and the kaltsounia and moustaleuria.

Some of the traditional desserts of Chania are:

• Cretan Xerotigana: made ​​in the pan with flour, raki, oil, cinnamon and honey, resemble a flower and served as a dessert mainly at weddings

• Cretan Kaltsounia: Small cakes of pastry, stuffed with myzithra. You will also try them as savory, with fennel. A variant of kaltsounia are the “anevata” and “lychnarakia”.

• Mizithropitakia with honey: flour, oil, water and raki for the pastry and myzithra cheese for the filling. They are fried and are served with honey.

• Diples: Looks like xerotigana, it is also a dessert for the weddings.

• Cretan delights: koumpanakia as they are also called, like donuts but with a more firm dough, served with a lot of honey.

• Spoon sweets: it is the Cretan traditional way to say welcome and you will find every fruit or vegetable prepared as a spoon sweet! Served always only a spoonful, on a small saucer with a spoon and a glass of iced water, while it is used also over Cretan yogurt as a dessert after a meal.

• Moustaleuria: the sweet of September, the time when grapes are pressed and the must is made, the early wine.

• Petimezi: Also a dessert of the vine harvest, a condensed form of must.

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