The coast of Vatalos is located about 80 km south of Chania in the great valley of Fragokastelo. The long coastline is separated into several smaller beaches and the most important are Iligas, Hontros, Volakas, Mavro Nero and Vatalos.

All are sandy, with scattered rocks and fine pebbles with clear and cool water.

Vatalos, 1,5 kilometers west of Fragokastelo, accommodates the most hotels and resorts in the area. But visitors do not usually choose these beaches as they prefer those of the former Municipality of Sfakia.

That is why Vatalos lacks in infrastructure and is ideal for those wishing to relax and enjoy swimming away from the hustle of tourists. If you have your mask, you can look at the beautiful seabed of Vatalos.

Undoubtedly, the exotic beach of Fragokastelo attracts the most visitors of the area, as it is famous for its imposing medieval castle and the legendary Drosoulites.

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