Zimbragou is a hilly, small village belonging to the municipality of Platanias in Chania. The village is built at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level and is 35 kilometers from the city of Chania. The houses are amphitheatrically “placed” above the fertile the valley of the River Tavronitis.

At Zimbragou there are less than 50 permanent residents, who are mainly occupied in the production of olive oil, which is very important, since the surrounding area is famous for the quality of the oil it produces. The Agricultural Partnership of Zimbragou has also a modern olive mill that serves the production of the village.

The village Zimbragou is adjacent to several other settlements: Voukolies, Dromonero, Anoskeli, Fotakado, Old Roumata, Kefalas. The most important church of Zimbragou is the one of St. Georgios.

The designation of the village comes from the word “zympragos” that menas twin in the Cretan dialect. According to the tradition, the founders of the village were two twin brothers who came at this location in the early 19th century and colonized the place.

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