Corfu - Tradition

The distinctive cultural tradition of Corfu is characteristic of the island, due to the fact that it has been influenced by consecutive conquerors throughout the centuries. Despite the tourist development, Corfiots largely maintain their customs and traditions, especially those related to religion. The special way that Easter  is celebrated on the island has made it a number one tourist destination in the country during these days and for a good reason. Epitaphs, devoutness, boisterous customs, mournful sounds from the Philharmonics during the Holy Week and an impressive ceremony of the Resurrection in the largest square of the Balkans, Spianada, are elements which attract thousands of tourists.

The presence of the Relic of Agios Spyridonas on the island has been related to the salvation of the land from great destructions and the Corfiots honor their Saint four times a year with processions  where the litany of the relic takes place in an atmosphere of devoutness.

The customs of the Carnival in Corfu are also special and have been influenced by the Venetians and the Italian Commedia dell arte, with characteristic costumes which remind you of Venice. The Venetians have also affected the Corfiot cuisine. Pastitsada, sofrito , bianco  and bourdeto, are all recipes from Italy and today are local specialties which will enchant you.

As far as the local products are concerned, it is not possible to leave the island without buying koum-kouat, without having tried the traditional tsitsimpyra  or the unique, fresh beer which is sold throughout Greece. Corfu also produces great quantities of olive oil but, also good wine, from varieties that thrive in the island, such as kakotrygis, petrokorytho and mantzavi.

  • Olive Oil Soap

    The Olive Oil Soap which is produced on the island is a pure product with no additives and has mild, hypoallergenic effect.

  • Petegoletsa

    Petegoletsa is a custom that takes place on Pancake Day in the evening in the old city where you will hear its gossips in authentic Corfiot dialect.

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