Corfu - Rivers

You will find four main rivers on the island, rivers that cross through beautiful valleys and mountains, pass through small and large villages  in order to flow into the sea on beautiful beaches . The Potami River  that passes through the village of Potamos is the one with the greatest flow of water. It is navigable in its biggest part, thus creating a very picturesque scene with fishing boats along its bank.

The most impressive river of Corfu is the River of Lefkimmi in the southern part of the island, as it flows through this traditional large village, emerges between the narrow roads, and in its banks are located dozens of small taverns and coffee shops. You can walk by its banks and enjoy a very beautiful stroll by the river.

The river of Messonghi  is the natural border between two large resorts of southern Corfu, Messonghi  and Moraitika which ends up in the beach.

Finally, the River Tyflos, which begins from the western slopes of Pantokratoras, passes through regions with dense vegetation, creates wonderful waterfalls and flows into Sidari beach.

  • Tyflos River

    Tyflos River is situated in north-western Corfu and flows throughout the whole year.

  • River of Messonghi

    The River of Messonghi is one of the largest rivers of Corfu.

  • Potami River

    The Potami River is the largest river of Corfu and is located in the middle of the island, in the village of Potamos.

  • River of Lefkimmi

    The River of Lefkimmi crosses through the homonymous settlement in southern Corfu, until it flows into the sea, in the picturesque harbor.

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