One of the three lakes of the region Erimitis in Kassiopi  of Corfu, Akoli is considered a significant ecosystem of the island. The wetland, besides its rare beauty, due to the verdant nature surrounding it, while next to it is the sea, gathers multiple species of avifauna that prefer it as a stop during their migratory journey.

In the past, Akoli was united with the sea by a small, open water channel from the period of the Venetian occupation, its marks are still visible even today. This construction allowed the movement of fish when the fish pond was in operation.

Akoli is a lake situated more towards the north compared to the rest and in front of it extends an enchanting beach. Access to Akoli Lake is possible through a trail  which begins from Agios Stefanos in Sinies  or by the beach of Avlaki  in the west or by sea with a boat.

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