Avlaki is a very beautiful beach with emerald and deep blue waters which you can find just outside of Kassiopi. Avlaki is relatively a «wild» beach as it is in a windy region preferred by surfers and by those who like to sail. It is a large beach ideal for those who don’t like sand or gor those who are looking for a less cosmopolitan place for their holiday or their swim as you can only find two taverns at the end of the road. On this beach you can also rent boats, pedalos, canoes and obviously surfing gear.

This location is ideal for relaxation, strolling, horseback riding and diving. You will mostly run into foreigners who are staying in Kassiopi and in nearby hotels.

From Avlaki begins a lovely path with signs in all the Peninsula of Erimitis which leads to entirely secluded, idyllic beaches and to three lakes of the region, significant wetlands, Savoura , at a close distance, Vromolimni and Akoli.

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