Erimitis Path

Following the coastline of a totally virgin and intact from tourism region, Erimitis Path begins from Agios Stefanos in Sinies and ends up to Avlaki beach. In this route you will walk into dense vegetation, you will see beaches entirely secluded, as well as three lakes, significant wetlands and shelters for rare birds. The total duration of this Path does not surpass an hour and a half.

Erimitis Path begins from the beach of Agios Stefanos in Sinies and continues towards the east above the coastline. The route alternates, passing through capes and small beaches: the end of Xylokeratia where, as it said, once a quarry used to operate, the beach of Aspalathra, which took its name from the homonymous bush that grows in the region, as well as the well-protected cove of Korfovonia where, the existence of wells indicates rural activities of other eras. At this point Erimitis Path encounters the first lake, Vromolimni  and a little bit northerner the lake Akoli which is located next to a magnificent beach. From this point this path leaves the shore and continues west through dense vegetation.

Follow the signs in order to reach to another enchanting beach, called Aria. While returning to the main path, you cross a clearing and you make it to the beach of Vouvalomantria. From there Erimitis Path comes to an end towards the south-west, in Avlaki beach next to which spreads the third lake, Savoura.

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