Ano Pavliana

Ano Pavliana is a small village built on the slopes of the mountain of Pavliana at a distance of approximately 20 kilometers from the city of Corfu. Also in this village, just like in most villages of the Corfiot countryside, you will see many old houses made of stone, adorned with the characteristic Byzantine roof tiles and with picturesque neighborhoods. At the center of the village, in Agios Dimitrios church, in its interior, you can admire a special icon screen carved in local stone.

Ano Pavliana is famous for its festivals with its dancing group enchanting the audience with the traditional dances and the handmade Corfiot costumes. There are two clubs in the village, the cultural club which, is responsible for the events in the village and the environmental club, whose members are responsible for the protection of the natural wealth of the village. Near Ano Pavliana, you can also visit the villages Pentati, Kato Pavliana  and Agios Matheos, the largest of the region. Paramonas beach  is the closest beach if you want to go for a swim.

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