Paramonas beach

Paramonas beach is a calm beach on the western shores of the island right in front of the homonymous settlement  with its few residents. Paramonas beach is covered with fine sand and few pebbles. The waters are shallow near the shore but, they deepen abruptly a few meters ahead. The winds that blow during the afternoon make swimming relatively difficult for those who cannot swim well.

Paramonas beach has got parasols, deck-chairs, vestiaries and showers. There are some seaside coffee shops and a mini market from where, you can get some necessities. Generally Paramonas beach is one of the most tranquil in the area, without crowds and commotion. It is offered for relaxation and tranquility.

Paramonas beach is the first of a series, of less touristy beaches, such as Prasoudi, Chalikounas  and Issos  which succeed one another. They are covered with golden sand and impressive sand-hills and they end up in Lake Korission, the most important wetland of the island.

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