Kouspades is a traditional, semi-mountainous settlement above the seaside settlement of Boukaris. Kouspades was created during the Venetian occupation of the island by someone the Venetian commander trusted, named Kouspas. Some marks from that period of time are visible even today in some of the houses in the village.

Kouspades is situated on a verdant location with olive and cypress trees which are very common in the Corfiot countryside. The residents of Kouspades are mainly occupied with tourism in the nearby seaside resorts but, they are also occupied with the cultivation of their olive trees  during wintertime.

At a distance of 500 meters is located the indented Boukaris beach  with its calm and very clean waters but, also with fish taverns by the sea. In Boukaris you will also find some rentable apartments for your stay.

Very close to Kouspades is situated the traditional settlement of Argyrades  with Venetian edifices and unique architecture that you must certainly visit and stroll about in its picturesque alleys, the so-called «kantounia». You can also go to Lake Korission, which is the most significant wetland in Corfu, next to dunes and to unique beaches , such as Issos  and Chalikounas.

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