Corfu is the home of Cricket in Greece. Here, on the 23rd April 1823, this noble sport firstly appeared in a game between officers of the Royal Navy during the period the island was under English occupation. After the withdrawal of the English in 1864 from Corfu and the union of the Ionian Islands with Greece, two local Cricket groups were created, the Company Gkogkakis and the union Kampitsis. In 1893 due to the shortage of players, these two clubs merged and created the Athletic Club Corfu (K.G.S.), the third oldest club in Greece after Panellinios and Panionios.

In 1996 the Greek Cricket Federation was founded which is the only Federation that is based outside Athens. From a number of 20 teams that exists in Greece, ten are based in Corfu. The most historical Cricket court is the one on the field of Spianada  in front of Liston. It is located on the same spot where the English played but in those days the field was on earthen ground. In recent years two more courts have been built, one in Gouvia and one in Messonghi.

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