It is said that it is not only the largest square of Greece but, of all the Balkans. Spianada is one of the most famous and most popular sights of Corfu, as there is no chance of being on the island without passing from there. It covers an area of 42.000 square meters with a perimeter of about 950 meters, between the Old Fortress  and the Old City  with its alleyways leading vertically towards it. During your stroll in Spianada you will enjoy some of the most significant monuments of the island: the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, the statue of Schulenburg, the Maitland Rotunda and of course Liston, are only some of these.

Spianada was created for defensive purposes, during the 16th and the 17th century by the Venetians: For the most efficient operation of the Old Fortress[Θ8] , more than 2.500 edifices were destroyed back then which were at a distance of a «rifle shot» from its embrasures. The peculiar name of the square is also Venetian and derives from the verb spianare= to level (to the ground) which, became «spianata» and later turned into Spianada.

A small «avenue», the avenue of General Viktoras Dousmanis, separates Spianada in two parts: the northern part, Kato (Down) Square or Square of Georgios I and the northern part, Pano (Upper) Square or Union Square. A large part of it is covered with grass and trees, a work of the French conquerors, while also there is situated the cricket  court of Corfu, a remnant of the English rule which, was completely adopted by the Corfiots – it is almost certain that you will see a match or training in Spianada.

In the boundaries of Spianada, you will also see the kiosk (or stage) where, during Holy Saturday the Procession of the Resurrection, one of the greatest experiences of the celebration of Easter in Corfu, takes place, but, also numerous concerts from the philharmonics of the city. The Monument of the Union of the Ionian Islands  with Greece, has engraved upon it the symbols of all the Ionian Islands, while in front of the Old Fortress  is located the statue of Schulenburg. On the other side of Spianada, in front of the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, is situated the copper statue of Lord Frederick Adam .

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