Ereikoussa is the most northern one of the Diapontia Islands, a verdant, round islet with a diameter of only 2 kilometers. Its name, Ereikoussa, comes from the bush «reiki» (heather) which grows in the whole island and blossoms in October with pink and purple flowers that have a sweet, characteristic scent.

Ereikoussa with about 90 residents, is a little more developed in tourism than Othonoi  and Mathraki . As soon as the visitor reaches the island, he disembarks in Porto, the settlement where the port of the island is located but, also the large, organized, sandy beach with its shallow waters. In Porto you will also find shops with basic necessities, a clinic, a pharmacy, taverns, rentable rooms and small hotels. From Porto begin the paths for your tour to the inland of the island. You will pass through beautiful, small houses with trimmed gardens, full of flowers and vegetables and very clean neighborhoods.

Another beautiful beach, entirely secluded and unorganized is Braghini in the north of the island. It is a verdant, sandy beach which you can reach on foot by following the route Porto- Ekklisies-Agia Triada-Paliokalyva-Braghini.

Ereikoussa is only 6 nautical miles north from the Cape of Drastis and eight nautical miles from Sidari  with which it is connected by boat during summer, while it is also connected with schedules to the port  of Corfu. In Ereikoussa there is also a heliport for emergencies of the island.

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