Vromolimni, along with Akoli and Savoura are the three lakes of the region of Erimitis  in Kassiopi  of Corfu. Although their names are not very flattering, it is a beautiful, natural region, with lovely, verdant and dense vegetation while the three lakes embellish it even more.

Vromolimni is located more to the south compared to the other two and is separated by the sea only by a narrow strip of land. The small wetland of Vromolimni covers an area of 14 acres and its catchment basin covers approximately 109 acres. It is located near the beach of Aspalathra which was named after the bush that thrives in the region and the beach Korfovonias which was given this name because it is very well protected from the winds. Access to Vromolimni is possible by Erimitis path  or if you own a boat, by sea.

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