Gefyra is a small, seaside settlement on Liapades beach. It has approximately 50 inhabitants, who are occupied with tourism, as Gefyra is located very close to the crowded and touristy developed Palaiokastritsa  which gathers thousands of visitors every summer. In the settlement there are several, small touristy lodgings, some restaurants and coffee shops. In the beach which has large touristy action, you will find parasols and deck-chairs.

At a distance of about 1,5 kilometers is situated the beautiful and picturesque village of Liapades, a large village which has kept its Venetian architecture intact and which also maintains, to a large extent, the customs and traditions of the Corfiot countryside.

From Gefyra you can also visit the Monastery of Palaiokastritsa  with its long history which is built at the top of a hill. Very close to Gefyra is situated the idyllic beach of Rovinia  which you can reach either by renting a small boat from the beach, or by car and then by following a short path on foot.

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