Kanouli is a small, isolated, sandy beach on the south-western shores of the island. There is no tourism infrastructure on this beach and it is completely disorganized, facts which offer the beach a more romantic character. Kanouli is ideal for visitors who want to be alone and who need to relax.

On the beach, which is about 1 kilometer long, the shore is sandy and in some parts there are rocks. Access to Kanouli beach is quite difficult, through dirt roads amongst a dense olive grove. You will reach an open parking space and you will descend an iron stairway to the beach. Kanouli beach is situated at a distance of 21 kilometers from the city of Corfu and in order to get there you will have to pass through the village of Agios Matheos.

Make sure that you have with you everything you may need to enjoy your swim and if you get hungry there are many small restaurants and seafood taverns in the nearby beaches Skidi  and Prasoudi.

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