Kyra Chryssikou

Kyra Chryssikou is an inland settlement of Corfu built on a verdant landscape of olive and cypress trees at an altitude of 125 meters. It is  located 8 kilometers away from the city of Corfu. In Kyra Chryssikou many detached houses belonging mainly to wealthy Corfiots have been built as its location is ideal. It’s got an amazing view of the marina  of Gouvia, Kontokali, the isle of Lazaretto  and Pantokratoras. The nearest beaches in Kyra Chryssikou are the beaches of Gouvia, Kontokali and Dassia.

In close range of Kyra Chryssikou, the new General Hospital of Corfu has been built. In the area of Danillia, the «village of Boua», an emblem of the corfiot tourism in the decades of the 70s and the 80s, had been built. It features a «thematical village», a replica of the corfiot village during the 19th century with traditional shops and housing. Until the decade of the 90s it ran as a tourism business but today it remains closed. On this location some of the scenes from the James Bond film «For your eyes only» were filmed.

At Danillia there is a beautiful, small lake , lake Skoteini, literally hidden and unknown even to many locals.

Kyra Chryssikou is named after the lady Chryssikou whose mansion is believed to still be found in the area.

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