Mon Repos beach

Mon Repos beach is situated inside the city of Corfu near the bay of Garitsa and it is the only beach on the island where you have to pay in order to enter it. The price of course is very low and all its income is used for the maintenance of this space. Mon Repos beach is small and sandy. A wooden pier is used as an extension of the beach and is offered for swimming in the deep as the sea bed in that spot is full of stones.

Mon Repos beach is preferred mainly by the locals, the elderly, families and the young students as it is ideal for a quick dip. This beach is located in a verdant area, at the beginning of the peninsula of Kanoni  where, the famous Mon Repos  is built. It used to be the summer house of the English Commissioner of the Ionian Islands. Today, it is a museum.

In Mon Repos beach there is a shop which serves food and drinks under the shade of the trees.

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